Experiences of presence in advancing innovation towards a holistic approach

Virpi Alise Koskela


This article focuses on experiences of presence and their potential to increase creativity. The question posed is about whether singular experiences of presence are constituents of creativity and innovation, and if so, what we can learn from them. The material studied includes descriptions of the experiences of presence of 418 around in Finland. Certain main characteristics were found between the experiences, such as finding new perspectives, being connected, and meaningfulness. Many experiences recalled in the descriptions, and the three main themes, seem to be related to the inner shift, which is the necessary part of the new approaches of creativity introduced in this paper. Due to the interconnectedness of the founded themes of the experiences of presence and also to the more broad and multifaceted approaches of innovation, it is possible to think that the experiences of presence could be one of the key factors towards more creative, and more sustainable future. 


Presence; Innovation; Holistic approach; Creativity; Sustainability

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